Reinstate Rick Dutrow

May 17, 2018

Most of you know I am a supporter of Rick Dutrow and specifically his being reinstated into racing. There are many reasons for this not the least of which is the large majority of allegations against him are false and misleading.

Equally important is I know he is a first class horseman, who always put his horses first. Many people do not realize the bulk of the allegations and violations are administrative and you don’t take a man’s livelihood for being sloppy.

Drug cheats have breakdowns. It is inherent to the game they play. Rick has none. That speaks loudly. Below you will find three things of interest. An article I wrote about Rick and his career. A letter Rick sent to the Paulick Report asking for a second chance and a video I ask you watch with an open mind. You’ll also find a link to the petition.

Rick’s Letter:

“Training race horses is my life. I have no other life. I have made mistakes and I am very sorry. I have said things which I shouldn’t have said. Over the past five years, I have thought long and hard about how to be a better member of my racing community, if given a second chance.

“My hope for that second chance grew with the support of over 2,100 people who signed the Petition that my fellow horsemen, trainer Dale Romans, started in late March to get me back to work.

“I miss all of you but most of all I miss my horses. Nothing on earth means more to me. I am asking the Gaming Commission to give me my life back fully understanding all the responsibilities and obligations that come with that life. I will not let the racing community nor the Commission down.” – Rick Dutrow

Read “This is Not Okay” about Rick

Read about and sign the petition

Hopefully you can step up to the plate and show you believe in second chances. It does feel good when it works out. Thank you.

Well done Jon. TY.…

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