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Who would have ever thought a guest column on a website would turn into a weekly column for horse racing results, reviews and thoroughbred profiles, with a strong and loyal following? That is precisely what happened after Jonathan Stettin told the story of his Belmont Stakes and Birdstone Pick 6 score (one of many) as only he can. The weekly column evolved into Past the Wire and many of those original readers and supporters are still reading, learning, and enjoying the columns and all that is offered here today. You can read the column that started it all here:

No Apology Necessary…

Past the Wire is the Horse Racing column where Professional Handicapper Jonathan Stettin shares his knowledge, experience and passion for The Sport of Kings. This is where you will find Horse Racing’s most interesting and well-informed columns, results, reviews, thoroughbred profiles and articles on every aspect of horse racing, the Sport of Kings. You will also find our broadcasts and podcasts from our You Tube channel, Past The Wire TV and more. 

Jonathan shares his handicapping prowess as a well chronicled, successful, and respected professional player, as well as his thoughts and opinions on all that is Horse Racing. His stories are nothing short of fascinating tales of real racetrack experiences that have to be read to be appreciated.

We have a fine collection of quality writers, handicappers, and analysts all contributing their unique takes on everything in horse racing on the racetrack and in the news, from results and reviews to thoroughbred profiles . 

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