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TRACKING TRIPS is a valuable tool to add to your handicapping and horse racing arsenal. It doesn’t matter what level your game is at, TRACKING TRIPS can help it improve. Watching horse races and identifying horses who had troubled trips, or whose races looked better or worse than they were is a learned art perfected over time and with experience. Professional Handicapper Jonathan Stettin excels in this area and using his TRACKING TRIPS is like having a second set of expert eyes to help get a clear picture and spot some things that others may miss. Four trained eyes are always going to be better than two when it comes to this. TRACKING TRIPS can be your second set of trained expert eyes when you want to see the latest horse racing results or view profiles.

Tracking trips at Past the Wire is an exceptional handicapping tool in the world of horse racing. By meticulously studying past races and focusing on the individual journeys of each horse, one can gain valuable insights into their performance and potential. This in-depth analysis allows handicappers to identify patterns, strengths, and weaknesses that might not be evident at first glance. With the ability to track trips, bettors can uncover hidden gems, understand the impact of various race conditions, and make more informed decisions when placing their wagers.

Furthermore, having Jonathan Stettin as your second set of eyes in this process is truly invaluable. As a renowned horse racing expert and analyst, Stettin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His keen eye for detail and deep understanding of the sport enables him to spot subtle nuances that others might overlook. Stettin’s expertise in trip handicapping is unparalleled, and his insights can provide a significant edge to bettors seeking to maximize their chances of success. With Stettin’s guidance, one can navigate the complex world of horse racing with confidence, knowing that they have a trusted advisor by their side. Together, the combination of tracking trips at Past the Wire and Jonathan Stettin’s expertise creates a winning formula for handicappers in the pursuit of profitable wagering strategies.

We feature horses who had less than ideal trips, ran with or against a “true bias”, encountered traffic or trouble, or for some reason ran better or worse than it appeared. This is invaluable in upgrading or downgrading horses in future races. Eyes paint a true picture and never lie.

Our exclusive 10 FIGS are also assigned to any horse who catches the eye and makes our list. We can also assign a 10 FIG to any horse in any race that you may request. 10 FIGS rate a horses performance, good or bad taking into account not just the fractions and time but the ever important trip. Another invaluable tool for a well stocked and prepared arsenal. Easy to use, and helpful to any level player. Figs go from 1-10. A + sign after the number or Fig indicates a good or better than average race. A – sign after the number or Fig indicates a troubled trip, or some other factor hindering the horses performance. The higher the fig the more impressive the race, or the more of an impact the trip may have had. The lower the number or Fig indicates less trouble or less impressive a race but still noteworthy. For example, Secretariat in the Belmont Stakes was a 10+. A horrible trip with a horse blocked and steadying repeatedly could be a 10-. A 1+ is a slightly above par race. A 1- is slight trouble but enough to have affected the outcome.

You will also find HORSES TO WATCH where we point out horses or connections that bear watching on the days card at selected racetracks. We’ll identify angles, pace scenarios, value, and many other factors all to help our #MEMBERS be as informed as possible. We’ll also point out bet against horses or vulnerable favorites. We value all our subscribers and treat all our #MEMBERS like they deserve as part of our exclusive group.

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