Rick Dutrow Deserves a Chance

March 28, 2018

The phrases “time served” and “in the interest of justice” are part of our legal system for a reason. There are times when the system fails, or goes beyond what is fair and just. If there was ever a case of this in the Sport of Kings it is the unreasonable and harsh 10 year ban imposed on Rick Dutrow.

Even assuming the allegations against him were true, and the most serious ones are in dispute and not supported by the evidence nor facts, this man was deprived of his livelihood and kept out of the game we all love for over 5 years now. We all see what goes on in our game and making Rick Dutrow a scapegoat or poster child for something he never was about accomplished nothing.

Please read the petition with an open mind. The petition spells out facts about Rick not just the blanket hype spread about him labeling him a cheater. If you believe in second chances but can’t get your arms around hype and innuendos not being facts, then maybe you can still get your arms around giving Rick another shot many feel he has earned.

If you sign the petition and Rick winds in in the winners circle after the Kentucky Derby or Breeders’ Cup Classic again, then you helped make a dream a reality. That’s not a bad thing.

Read the Rick Dutrow petition

Read a more detailed article about Rick

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