Ticket Structure, the art of structuring tickets at the racetrack

September 8, 2022

Ticket Structure. It is essential to have any chance of being one of the very few who beat the game of horse racing.

Handicapping, Ticket Structure, and Money Management are the three essentials you need. Discipline is also paramount. In this Past The Wire TV video Jonathan Stettin talks about his aggressive style of ticket structure. It may not be for everyone, and it certainly is not easy, but Jon breaks it down in a manner that should help every level player and put many in position to do better than they may have ever done in the past.

The style doesn’t change
You do what you do how you do it!

See how Jon puts himself in a position to make a score and handles day to day ticket structure to have the best chance at success. Hearing how he does it is invaluable and he has the resume and track record that screams pay attention.

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Thank you for watching! We think and hope you enjoy and get a lot out of this video. Don’t miss our annual Kentucky Derby and Oaks seminar! Grab you spot or check out the details RIGHT HERE

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