The Best Kentucky Derby Seminar in horse racing

February 16, 2023

Past the Wire’s 2023 Kentucky Derby seminar, simply the best

Don’t miss the best Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks seminar in the game

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Nobody does it better. It is time for the best Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks seminar in the game. Live, interactive, supporting stakes, and a full replay if you miss the live version. We as always have it all covered.

Cave Rock training at Santa Anita, Ernie Belmonte, Past the Wire
Cave Rock training at Santa Anita


Our past performances in our seminars speak for themselves. If you’ve attended in the past you already know, if not give it a try, you won’t regret it.

We’ll have analysis and more:


Horses to play against

Ticket structure

Good singles

Bad singles

Money or bankroll management


DRF Formulator


Speed figures

Troubled trips

Flattered trips


Track Trends

Who’s hot

Who’s not

Who’s working good

Who’s not working good

Who’s due

Who’s overdue

Q and A


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fastest of them all?

Arabian Knight training at Santa Anita
Arabian Knight training at Santa Anita

Who is crying for the Derby distance?

Faustin under Mike Smith works at Santa Anita, Ernie Belmonte, Past the Wire
Faustin under Mike Smith works at Santa Anita

All you have to do is show up.

The live Kentucky Derby and Oaks seminar will be May 4th, 2023 at 7PM ESD. The replay will be available approximately one hour after the live version ends and will be emailed to all who have registered. Invitations will be sent to all who register about 5PM ESD on May 4th. Please add to your email list to insure you receive your invitation. You will receive the replay whether or not you attend the live version.

Derby and Oaks days have huge pools and a lot of what we call recreational money. That gives those who are prepared and have solid strategies an edge. This game is about having an edge. We’ll help level the playing field. These are two of the days where there are scores to be made. Some of you will remember Digital Age on Derby day a few years back at 7-1. Did anyone and I mean anyone like Goodnight Olive in the Breeders’ Cup more than our own Jonathan Stettin, host of the seminar. We’ve been there, done that and you are invited to ride with us this year once again. How many people can be alive to Honor AP for 500K and Sole Volante for 1.1 mil on a 1K bet? We don’t always close the deal, but we know how to get in position and the rest is a matter of time. Arguably, Honor AP ran one of the better races that year.

Cost: Priceless

Reservations: $50 early discount through April 15th, 2023. Regular price after April 15th, 2023 $100

Get your reservation early. We look forward to seeing you at the seminar. We’ll be ready and we will make sure you are as well.

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We look forward to seeing you at the seminar. We will definitely have some fun and try and put ourselves in position to make a hit or two. Join us and let’s make it count!

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Get your head start!

Spot on: #P6K

Ticket Structure: A fundamental of success…..

Pace handicapping, another fundamental to have any shot of joining the small club of those who beat the game:

See you soon!!! Don’t get shut out, grab your seat!

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Kentucky Derby Radar, our first edition, some things to look for and a few contenders and pretenders:

Kentucky Derby Radar 2:

LE, First Responders, Current and Former Military attend free. Thanks for all you do and have done! Contact us for your free invite.

Saturday night after the Derby:


@pastthewire As always brilliantly written and perfectly toned observations written by @jonathanstettin everyone in the industry needs to read this and view it as a call to action.

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