Pace Makes The Race and Q and A seminar

June 24, 2022

Check out the latest Past the Wire Handicapping seminar! We have all heard the saying “Pace Makes The Race” and it is definitely true. Pace has a significant impact on the outcome of many races daily. Turf, dirt, long, short, pace comes into play. Is it the only factor and end all be all? Of course not, but knowing who will be running where and how fast, and who will and who won’t be running fast enough to win at the end of a race is critical to have a chance at long term success.

On this Past The Wire TV video Jonathan Stettin talks about how he deciphers pace, why pace figures and projectors and even computers can’t beat the human mind in this area. In this year’s Kentucky Derby we saw just how much pace can affect the outcome of a race when Rich Strike benefited from the perfect pace and trip for him to beat horses he would not beat in different pace scenarios. That was an extreme example but lesser examples happen daily and often at big prices.

Learn how to have a pace advantage of your own and use it as an edge against your competition! Being prepared counts. Just like horses train in the morning, we have to get ready for the races as well. Knowing who will be where when is part of that. Pace! Pace makes the race!

Thank you for watching Past the Wire TV! Nobody Does It Better and we do it for YOU!

Photo: Ernie Belmonte

Here is the audio only podcast version:

What a day for @jonathanstettin who had the Rainbow 6 twice! That’s why he’s the KING!

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