Saratoga Angles, Royal Ascot takeaways and more

June 25, 2023

These Saratoga angles are not Golden, they’re Pure Platinum. Saratoga is right around the corner and on this show we’ll give you you a few things to look for that can be huge. When our man Jon Stettin talks it pays to listen. We have some horses to watch coming out of Royal Ascot and our take on the Ohio Derby.

Pick 6 King Jonathan Stettin shares some of his experience and things and horses he watches for. If you pay attention it just may pay off. We all know it has before.

Subscribe and don’t miss any of our shows. We have the bounce/regression show coming up with Jeff Franklin of Thorograph and we will have Saratoga Saturday every day of the meet. We have pegged The Haskell, The Test and The Travers as races to do by The Thorograph Numbers and patterns. If you have any other suggestions or races you want us to try and do leave it in the comments.

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HERE ARE THE MISSING SARATOGA ANGLES……it can happen to anybody:

That was a phenomenal article Jonathan. Thank you for writing it and sharing it. Ruffian was my second love (after Man O' War) and I simply cannot stop the tears from falling every time I read about this magnificent black beauty.

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