The Belmont Stakes Horses by The Thorograph Numbers and Patterns

June 2, 2023

Pressure, we eat that for breakfast.

Our Thorograph pattern analysis came up with Mage in The Kentucky Derby, Pretty Mischievous in The Kentucky Oaks and we loved National Treasure going into The Preakness. Can we do it again in The Belmont Stakes? We’ll find out soon enough but we welcome the challenge.

Welcome to Past the Wire’s The Belmont Stakes Horses by The Thorograph Numbers and Patterns. Pick 6 King Jonathan Stettin will run down the Thorograph numbers and patterns on all the Belmont Stakes horses.

Let’s see who is fast, who is faster, who is moving forward, who is likely to regress or bounce.

We are not doing a Belmont Stakes day seminar this year but Thorograph is and you can learn more and attend that here:

The Thorograph Belmont seminar is FREE this year!


We’ll have plenty on the Belmont Stakes undercard on Tracking Trips which you can check out here:


During the show Jon talks about his pace handicapping and ticket structure videos and you can find them here:

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Photo: National Treasure training at Santa Anita, Ernie Belmonte, Past the Wire

Videography: Jim Gazzale, Past the Wire

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