The Bob Baffert Kentucky Derby ban, legit or not

January 11, 2022

Not voting for Bob Baffert trained horses legit or not?

Is the effort to ban trainer Bob Baffert from the Kentucky Derby legit and in the best interests of racing, or is it another targeted scapegoat scenario?

Attorney Bill Gotimer joins Jonathan Stettin on Past the Wire TV to explore these possibilities along with the legitimacy or lack thereof in excluding horses like Corniche from an Eclipse Award vote.

Complicated issues with both legal and moral implications.

Suffice to say Jon and Bill do not agree on everything, but they, as many can’t nowadays remain civil and cordial despite differing views.

Bill provides more of a legal perspective while Jon is a little more from the shall we say street school of thought. However you feel this is an interesting conversation between two passionate and experienced individuals in the Sport of Kings.

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  1. George Jan 12, 2022 at 9:17 am

    Simplify the whole thing horses go,to a new trainer that is not part of Bob Baffert barn there is a hundred trainers that would love the chance at the derby why should the horse and owner suffer from a mistake of others it’s 18 plus weeks that should clean the system out get back on the track boys l agree keep him out the two years thank you

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