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The Critical Way Story

POSTED: February 26, 2021

Catch me if you can. He’s been defined by his professionalism, but it’s his attitude when in the heat of battle that often dictates the...

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Hear Him For Yourself, Randall Gindi, Owner of Monster Stables and man in the infamous Jorge Navarro "the juice man video"

POSTED: March 20, 2020

Our Jonathan Stettin interviewed Randall Gindi, the owner of Monster Stables, about the infamous and ill timed Jorge Navarro "the juice man video." The video...

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When a Monster Isn't a Monster

POSTED: March 17, 2020

So often in life things are not all they seem. What may appear cut and dry, may in fact be gray. Everybody knows about the...



@jonathanstettin major bias play, thanks j man!!!! Lol

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