Hear Him For Yourself, Randall Gindi, Owner of Monster Stables and man in the infamous Jorge Navarro “the juice man video”

March 20, 2020

Our Jonathan Stettin interviewed Randall Gindi, the owner of Monster Stables, about the infamous and ill timed Jorge Navarro “the juice man video.” The video was not what it seemed, which is not to make light of, nor condone what it portrayed or represented. We all know that, Mr. Gindi included. That said there are always more than one side to a story and things are often not what they appear. We bring you into the room, not just allow a glimpse into it from the outside. You can never see the whole room unless you walk in it.

If you want to be objective, there is strong evidence Randall is being truthful, especially about the 20 thousand bookie reference. Anyone, and we mean anyone who has bet and dealt with bookies, including off shore books, knows full well you can’t bet enough to win 20 thousand on a 2-1 in horse racing. No bookie takes that bet. If you think they do, you are simply wrong. Add being a Navarro owner to the equation, and it becomes a zillion to one any book takes it. You can’t spread it around either. They communicate, and you get shut off fast. If you somehow did get such a bet in, for real, nobody, and we mean nobody screams it on a video. This all lends credence to Randall’s version of what transpired and why. As bad as it was, it was not what it seemed.

We are not Randall’s lawyers, he can represent himself. We do however give him the opportunity to state his case, which makes way more sense than the “assumed’ version most gleem from the video.

Listen to Jonathan Stettin and Gino Buccola talk with Randall Gindi on the Past the Wire edition of That’s What G Said:

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