Rosie and Bean

February 14, 2020

If you’re on Twitter and you haven’t already come across the loveable duo that is Rosie and Bean, it’s fair to say you are definitely missing out. 25 year old Rosie ‘Small human’ Margarson is an Amateur Jockey at her father, George Margarson’s yard in UK racing headquarters, Newmarket where she runs communications and also works for the Injured Jockeys Fund. Her partner in crime, 7 year old racehorse Caribbean Spring (known as Bean), is also based at the yard. 

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The duo have become an internet sensation, with Bean having his own twitter where fans get to see his daily exploits through videos and tweets from ‘his’ perspective. Known for his unfaltering love for carrots and also his hatred of the many dangers out there in the world (from wind to dangers that lurk in the grass!), it’s not difficult to see why people have fallen head over heels for Bean’s quirky character.

What does an average day entail for you?

“I get up 5.30am, get dressed, drive to the yard, turn Beans light on and wake him up, pickup all the toys he’s thrown out into the yard overnight, get my tack, brush him over and attempt not to get nibbled or kicked! I then encourage him to stretch and go for a wee (he’s terrible out on the heath if he needs a wee!). We then get tacked up, pull out of the yard with Model Guest (Can’t tell you who’s idea it was to have Bean lead Model), who can also be quite a handful! She’s gifted with her back legs and Katie, my big sister on board, we tackle the heath, make it home alive, brush Bean over, give him a massage if he needs one, make sure he has a drink and snacks, ensure he’s warm enough in his rugs, clean up and put all my tack away, edit all the footage, get Bean to write a tweet, go home jump in the shower and get to work at the IJF for 10am and eat somewhere in between.”

Was it love at first sight for you and Bean?

“It wasn’t I thought he was very cute but didn’t ever think he’d be my cup of tea. I used to be the most nervous rider! Initially our apprentice, Jane, rode him and they didn’t see eye to eye, then Katie had a go, then eventually Mum got on him and they really clicked. I used to be on a quiet one behind her, watching Bean throw her about until she decided she’d had enough and it was my turn! I’d ridden him in gallops most weekends but never every day; as soon as we were everyday partners it all just clicked and I learned to relax and laugh because no matter what he does he’ll usually at least attempt to catch you!”

How would you describe Bean’s personality?

“Cheeky and hungry, he’s a bit like an oversized puppy and he tries to play a lot but really doesn’t understand his size sometimes. Mainly he just wants love and snacks!”

What plans do you have coming up? Will you be race riding Bean again soon?

“The next race for myself and Bean is a probably a race at Southwell in March but if he’s well enough aka launching me into space before then we’ll find a race for him with an apprentice on board. Opportunity’s for amateurs can be a bit few and far between and often all come along at once. We don’t plan too far ahead as we like to just see how Bean is a play it by him.”

Bean has his own race club, what does it involve and how can people join?

“He does it’s simply £10 per month, no extras and you get a certificate, a hat which amazingly has been given to the club by his sponsor Saracen Horse Feeds and members are also invited to yard mornings to meet Bean and the team where you get to see the heath and get the owners experience. We also do ballots for tickets on race days and we had 14 members go to Wolverhampton on Saturday 8th February when we came 2nd and it was a brilliant day.”

Bean’s fanbase is bigger than those of big group winners, what’s his secret?

“Someone once described him as the ‘people horse’ and initially I laughed but in reality he is your average person. He’s not got the ability of the likes of Frankel and can’t hack up in a group race, but he has tonnes of heart and he believes he’s a group horse. He’ll give you absolutely everything in his races and at home and he won’t pull up until he’s at the front of the group. He wants to win and that for me really does make him so special. He’s also an
absolute character and loves to perform, I still occasionally have no idea what sets him off, it could be a duck, it could be a blade of grass moving he really does keep me guessing! All in all I think people love him because he’s just him in all his 55 rated glory and he’s happy which is all anyone in racing wants to see in our racehorses, total happiness.”

You can follow Bean on Twitter @LifeOfBean and his Small Human, Rosie,

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