Past the Wire’s Free 2022 Belmont Stakes Seminar

June 3, 2022

The Belmont Stakes card including The Met Mile and more promises to be a great day of racing and opportunities and Past the Wire will have you ready for action

The best Belmont Stakes seminar right here at Past the Wire

One of the best things about this game is it only takes one big hit to make a meet or a year. You have to believe in yourself and not be afraid to take a position and back it. We are going to attack The Belmont Stakes, The Met Mile and some of the supporting stakes and try and do some damage. Some kill shots are coming.


We will try for some meet or year makers and also to pad those Saratoga, Del Mar and even Breeders’ Cup bankrolls.

Cost: Priceless!

Admission: Free

We appreciate all our readers, followers, watchers of our YouTube channel and all our shows, and of course our podcast listeners. These seminars involve a lot of work, but sometimes we enjoy offering them free.

We have absolutely crushed as many if not more of these than anyone in the game. Nobody Does It Better!

Our seminar will be via zoom on Thursday, June 9th at 7PM EST. If you have a reservation you will get an invite to the live interactive version and also to the replay version. We have you covered.

Pick 6 King Jonathan Stettin will be your host and providing his thoughts on;

The races, wagering strategies, analysis, ticket structure, play against horses, key plays, pace, projected trips, Q and A, AMA, and more!

We already showed all who listened the speed one two theories about The Kentucky Derby were nonsense. The Pimlico speed bias was nonsense despite Early Voting winning on the front end. Watch and find out The Belmont or Big sandy myths as well.

If you want to see how we do it, just read this, the best pre race call you’ll ever see:

The Preakness as Jonathan Stettin sees it….

We know, it is almost as if he wrote it after the race. If you read that and don’t want to attend…….Ride with him and ride with us…

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If you make a reservation and you are a subscriber to either our emails or Past the Wire TV, and why wouldn’t you be….You will receive a zoom invite to the live interactive seminar and you will also receive a copy of the replay. You are covered either way! If you are not a subscriber, we can’t help you……Ride With Us!

The invite will arrive in your inbox late Thursday afternoon. Check your spam folders if you don’t receive it. The replay will follow later Thursday evening.

We will see you there. We’ll be ready.

@jonathanstettin is that your money that has Alpha Team into 11/10 Jon?! 9/2 in . spot intl just disappeared, still holding 3/1.

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