The best pre race analysis you’ll ever read

May 26, 2022

Our own Jonathan Stettin read this race so good, so spot on people commented all over social media it was like it was written after the fact. It wasn’t. It was race morning and appeared here on Past the Wire for our Tracking Trips members. If you read it and watched the race, as soon as they left the gate and Jose and Irad looked at each other you could see it unfolding just as Jon saw it. It was just so good we had to write about it and share it. Nobody Does it Better!

One thing Jon and all of us at Past the Wire do, is we talk about the scores and good calls, but also the tough breaks and bad beats. They are both part of the game and this is a game where everyone will be wrong more often than they are right. As Jon says one of the keys is making it count, and count big time when you’re right.

This is the best pre race call of The Preakness you’ll ever see. It might be the best pre race call of any race you’ll ever see.

RACE 13- The 147th Preakness

I see this race unfolding one of three ways and in two of them I see the same horse winning. I can see #5 Early Voting fresh, dangerous, fast, and taking these wire to wire. Chad knew exactly what he was doing skipping the Derby. Cloud Computing part two perhaps. I can also see #5 Early Voting sitting a clear catbird seat second to Armagnac and taking the lead from him and getting the jump and winning. I think Early Voting can stalk and pounce and does not necessarily need the lead. I prefer him on the lead today, especially if the track is speed friendly, but I don’t think he “needs it.”

The one scenario I do not want to see, and I don’t think I will, I have to trust Jose knows to avoid this: If Armagnac takes the lead and Jose decides to follow, I do not want to see Joel and Epicenter lap right on him and see those two banging second and third. Epicenter has a lot more bottom and seasoning and that would compromise Early Voting’s chances.

Epicenter is a serious racehorse. Obviously he can win. He should be even money or maybe 4-5. He was fighting hard to hold off Zandon in The Kentucky Derby. He had nothing to offer when he saw Rich Strike on the inside. Sure that was understandable, and he has steadily gone forward his whole career to date, but coming back in two weeks might give the fresh horse the edge and I believe Early Voting definitely gets the jump.

Creative Minister is a TRACKING TRIPS horse. He’s talented. He can be this good but I think the pace favors Early Voting who I also think is a lot better than a lot of people realize he is.

Secret Oath is a real nice filly. I don’t think the pace sets up for her well at all. She made a big move in The Kentucky Oaks and also before that in The Arkansas Derby. Now we will ask her to make another big move against better and faster horses coming back in two weeks. Big ask in my opinion.

I’ll be making a serious bet on Early Voting!

Jonathan Stettin

We think he is going to do it again in The Belmont Stakes! Not a member of TRACKING TRIPS? Why?

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