Unfiltered: Pilot or Passenger, Which is your jockey?

June 14, 2022

Welcome to another episode of Unfiltered on Past the Wire TV

A lot of times people don’t differentiate a bad trip from a bad ride. There is a distinct difference and at times people can be quick on the draw to blame jockeys. That said, jockeys are human athletes, and they all at times make mistakes or could have used better judgement or made a better decision. Sometimes that will affect the outcome of a race.

Pilots or passengers? A good jockey will consistently put their mounts in position to win. A great jockey can move a horse up and will win their fair share of races while not on the best horse by making the best moves, and out thinking and out riding their rivals.

On this show we take a hard objective look at most of the jockeys who rode in this year’s Kentucky Derby. Michael Wilson and Jonathan Stettin classify the riders as a pilot or passenger and explain why from their own unique perspectives.

As always it is a lively and interesting discussion. We plan to continue this segment from time to time so if you want to know where your favorite riders land on the list let us know. We’ll tell you where and why.

You’ll also hear some weak and strong points about the jockeys you see and play every day.

Thank you for tuning in and we hope you enjoy this episode of Unfiltered on Past the Wire TV.

Photo: Courtney Snow

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