Mid September state of affairs roundtable

September 15, 2021

Buzzers, suspensions, handle, inconsistencies and controversies. We have it all in the mid September state of affairs roundtable on Past the Wire TV.

We have the news and some unique perspectives.

Racetrack attorney Bill Gotimer provides some lawyerly analysis of the key industry issues.

Southern California based trainer Jeff Metz shares his horseman perspective.

Jonathan Stettin gives his take as a handicapper and bettor.

The roundtable trio hit on all the points and you’ll come away from this show aware of the pertinent angles.

Does the battery incident happen without the barns knowledge? What do the handle records tell us? How serious was the Kentucky Downs fiasco at the gate? Will Bob Baffert horses be racing in New York, or the Breeders’ Cup?

We’ll take you Past the Wire in the Sport of Kings!

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