The guru of time, Craig Milkowski of Timeform US

September 2, 2021

The guru of time in horse racing Craig Milkowski of Timeform US joins us on Past the Wire’s podcast Gate to Wire. Thank you Spendthrift Farm and Kingdom Nutrition Company Company for helping make these podcasts possible!

Craig talks with Michael Vale and Jonathan Stettin all things related to race timing and speed figures.

How are figures calculated, what do they tell us, what don’t they tell us and how should we use them? What are the issues with timing of races, are the run-ups accurate or even necessary?

Craig is an advocate for improving all these things in the sport and we had an open and frank discussion with him on everything speed figures. What are the key differences between raw speed figures and “sheet” figures?

If you want a full and better understanding of speed figures and how they can help you and your game you won’t want to miss this episode!

Thank you for listening to Past the Wire’s Gate to Wire podcast!

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