Equibase Users Guide Tutorial

The Official Source of Data of The Thoroughbred Industry

In an effort to help familiarize new people to the game of horse racing there is a need for a tutorial. Showing new people to the sport how to navigate the Equibase website. The website is packed with a wealth of information for those looking for data about horse racing. Many people enjoy horse racing but are severely limited on how to properly wager on the sport. Equibase has everything from handicappers picks to data for handicapping software, Equibase Entries, Equibase Results as well as information of every horse race in the United States.

We will update this page to help users navigate the Equibase.com website and what types of data and programs they offer. The best way to bring new people into the sport of horse racing is to educate them on the sport. While most feel alienated due to the tremendous learning curve, we hope that with our knowledge of handicapping products coupled with what to use and how to interpret the Equibase products that it will truly help elevate your understanding of the sport.

Many people new to the sport of horse racing are literally terrified when they see a set of Equibase past performances and we at Past The Wire recognize this as being a major factor in why more people shy away from the sport. Upon opening the data that Equibase provides someone new to the game would probably think they needed to be a math expert to decipher the past running lines, pace scenarios, track biases as well as E Graph figures and other types of speed figures found in these products.

What Equibase Is Doing to Help During The Pandemic

Equibase also due to the recent pandemic of Covid-19 has been offering a few handicapping products for free to persons that do not already have an account. All you have to do is sign up and create an account and you are all set and ready to navigate the Equibase website.

Subscription Based Race Replays

One of the most important tools for any handicapper is visual handicapping. That is watching past races and deciphering how they unfold. Did something occur in a race to prevent a horse from winning that should of? I cannot stress enough how important it is to watch race replays. I constantly watch Equibase Race Replays to see why a horse may have lost. Did he or she get blocked, stumble out of the gate, did the jockey commit some type of error? Watching race replays will help you find the answers to why you may have lost, and also unlock the potential to win in the future.

Equibase offers a daily, monthly or quarterly plan to subscribe to race replays however they are not available until after the race day. They are offered in a flash format and include multiple camera angles, starter and results information and has an easy to use display.

Industry Horsemen Use Equibase Products

Horsemen who work in the horse racing industry use Equibase to acquire condition books, overnight entries and stakes entries. This part of the site also informs horsemen on specific assigned weights that must be adhered to for specific races. It is safe to say that Equibase is a vital part of the racing industry in almost every aspect.

Lastly It is always good to ensure that you develop a good betting strategy using the tools described in this article will help you do so. I encourage this so that you can have long term success.