Equibase.Com: A Website For Horse Racing Data

September 20, 2019

Equibase.com is a website full of data for horsemen and bettors.

Equibase.com is a horse racing data site that offers in-depth analysis into everything that concerns horse racing in all entirety. Founded in 1991, Equibase.com seeks to provide the North American Thoroughbred racetrack with a uniform and industry-owned database with racing statistics and information. After the launch of the site, it continued to provide information about all that is happening in the racing industry. It was not until 1998, that Equibase became the data collection agency as well as the provider of all racing data and statistics to all Daily Racing Form. Aside from the fact that there’s a website, Equibase has also designed a mobile application and mobile platform that has been made accessible for all in the Thoroughbred race track industry.

It offers an in-depth and comprehensive menu and update of some of the handicapping products, video race replay, and statistical information that are in total support of the Thoroughbred race track. Our own Geo Sette handicapped the Preakness Stakes 2019 using the Equibase data. The importance of this site to the racing industry cannot be overemphasized. It helps in the storing of racing records and data. Prior to the launch of the Equibase.com news site, all racing data and statistics were handled by third-party publishers. This made it possible for all in the industry to get access to the information. The launch of this news site was seen as a revolutionary move in the horse racing industry as it offers data and insight to all. The goal of this site has been and will always be to bring back the information and necessary data to the industry players. This is done to ensure that it is available and affordable for all to access.

After the launch of this news site, time was taken to search and compile lists from some of the Thoroughbred race tracks in North America. The information that was received was stored, updated, and made available for all industry players to get their hands on. The possible access to the data that has been gathered and stored by Equibase.com helped in so many ways. First, it helped tracks to come up with new formats as well as distribution networks for each daily program. In addition, it also helped the industry facilitate the growth of horse racing and simulcasting through affordable and also accurate program information. Six years after the launch of this site, it was named the official site for all racing information and statistics by the TRA.

Since its inception, Equibase.com has been on the quest to provide all in the industry reliable information and statistics that will help all in the industry perform better. To do this, they have incorporated technology in the process. While offering data, they also offer news about everything that’s happening in the industry. They also cover competitions and report back to their readers. To ensure that these horses are taken care of, they also write about them and what they’ve achieved. This information helps to encourage people and organizations to take care of them even after they retired.

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