Conflicts of Interest, Disqualifications, and poor performances on the racetrack, a day in Thoroughbred Horse Racing

February 9, 2021

Jeff Metz and Jonathan Stettin take you Past the Wire in the Sport of Kings, thoroughbred horse racing with this exclusive video. They delve into some of the troubling and complicated issues in the sport. First, see a trainer’s perspective in what to take away from a poor performance from a racehorse. Then Jeff and Jon go into disqualifications following a race and after the fact, usually resulting from a positive drug test. They differentiate between fouls and race riding and look at some ways to potentially protect the bettor. Last but not least they talk about some conflicts of interest in racing including the latest Katie Davis and Trevor McCarthy issues about spouses riding in the same race. This is a widespread issue in the game if we are to include siblings, in laws and other relationships. The racetrack is a world in and of itself and there are many relationships and they often compete against one another.

Thank you for tuning in. Sit back and enjoy the show:

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Jeff Metz

Jeff Metz has been a race horse trainer for over 30 years.  He trains on the southern Ca circuit and races at Turf Paradise and...

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@jonathanstettin Nice piece and well articulated! Thanks for sharing your knowledge through your work!

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