Clocking Trainers instead of horses, part of being a better bettor

March 18, 2021

Trainer Tells, what are they and how do you spot them?

On this episode of Past the Wire’s podcast, Gate to Wire, brought to you by Spendthrift Farm and Kingdom Nutrition Company, we once again offer one of those Harvard Education lessons on handicapping and insight on improving your game regardless of the level you are at. We can make you a better bettor!

Hosts Michael Vale and Pick 6 King Jonathan Stettin get into an interesting discussion on trainer tells, and how some telegraph their intentions. Knowing a trainer’s intentions with a horse is valuable and can give you a significant edge or leg up on your competition. Trainers have tells and once you learn them it is like knowing what Teddy KGB had when he chomped those oreos in Rounders.

Michael picks Jon’s brain on tell’s and how to spot and how to capitalize on them. If you are new in your handicapping journey, or just want to get better or closer to that small group who beat this game this is a show you will not want to miss.

Of course we have some other fun and interesting banter between our hosts on everything from MMA to boxing to the three year old crop and the best early look you will hear on the Bob Baffert Kentucky Derby. RunHappy has nothing on Bob as far as we are concerned.

Sit back and enjoy the show:

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