How to be a better bettor

March 12, 2021

How do I become a better bettor is a tough question.

Southern California trainer Jeff Metz and professional handicapper Jonathan Stettin get into an interesting conversation about high percentage trainers, and how it relates to potential cheating or juicing horses. They touch on how bettors handle those situations, and which are the worst for the sport and game. It is all bad for the horses.

That talk leads into an interesting on why do so few people win at what is considered to be a skill game. Jeff quizzes Jonathan on how he beat that game for years and what it took and still takes today.

Get some real insight on how to be a better bettor. You’ll hear some do’s and don’ts and why most people can’t put themselves in a position for success.

Learn what cash less but win more actually means.

Learn that you can use a race to beat the races.

Learn a good bet from a bad bet.

Learn how to be a better bettor.

It is really introductory as this is a topic for a semester but get the abbreviated Harvard education from someone who did it, and did it as good as anyone.

Sit back and enjoy the show:

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