Breeders’ Cup Real Bias, Fake Bias, Wet track and The Draw

October 24, 2022

Welcome to another episode of Past The Wire TV! We are heading into the Breeders’ Cup full speed at Mach 10.

On this episode Jim Gazzale joins Jon Stettin to talk the often misunderstood, even at the top levels of the game, real track bias verse fake or perceived track bias. There is a distinct difference a lot of people get wrong.

With the prospect of bad weather or rain in the advance forecast our hosts talk how that, along with the ever so important “draw at Keeneland” can affect some of the Breeders’ Cup Championship races with so much on the line for everybody. How will the prospect of rain affect not only the European horses but the riders also?

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Photo: Cave Rock (outside) works with Bletchley Park (Ernie Belmonte)

Videography: Jim Gazzale

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