Equibase Free Picks

February 3, 2020

Equibase is the best place to get the best horse race free picks. It is simply the best website for bettors and horsemen. It offers in-depth knowledge and analysis of everything that concerns the horse racing industry. Founded officially in 1991, this website seeks to offer the North American thoroughbred market with an industry-owned database and racing statistics helpful for the industry. With this website keen on offering this industry unbiased and well-researched analysis, they also offer horse free picks for bettors. In this piece, we will take a look at an example of some of the best Equibase free picks. They include;

Free Picks

1. Sea Treaty 5/1 – this is a sprint horse that is a front-runner with an inside position.

2. Handsome Harve 5/2 – this is the third start of this horse and it comes after a layoff.

3. Bwana Go 9/2 – this horse has been identified to have a “+” and “L” designation. It is also one of the best sprint horses there is in the thoroughbred industry.

4. Lass Song 15/1 – this is a front-runner horse that comes with an inside position.

5. Cajun Carmelized 2/1 – the average winning distance of this horse has been identified to be within half of the furlong of today’s distance of a horse.

These free picks fall under the Fast-Paced Race category. In this race category, there are more horses that can vie for an early lead in races. You are advised to check on the scratches of any of the entrants.

Free Picks

1. Graetz 6/1 – this has been described as the dominant stalker of the race. It comes with a “B” designation. It is currently ranked top 3 of the Trackmaster Power Rating. It has the third-highest Equibase speed figure per distance.

2. Steal My Heart 15/1

3. Crystal Steps 30/1

Vision Of Equibase

According to the owners of this site, it was designed to offer all in the thoroughbred industry in-depth analysis of horses as well as how they fare on the tracks. This information will help bettors to be able to stake their funds on each of these horses. Some of the many products of this website include handicapping and video replay. These are done to ensure that the data helps all in the industry. It helps to store race records as well as keep horse owners informed of all that’s going on in the industry. Prior to the development and launch of this website, all horse data and statistics were done by third party agents. With these third-party agents, it was extremely difficult for all in the industry to get their hands on valuable horse racing data.

The launch of Equibase proved to be a change in the right direction. It enabled all horse racing enthusiasts to get accurate and precise information about all that’s happening in the industry. For bettors, this site offers them the right information they need to place as well as win their bets.

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