Bloodhorse: A Timeless Fixture In Horse Racing Media

September 21, 2019

Bloodhorse is an LLC that is owned by TOBA Media Property and the Jockey Club. You will find it interesting to know that Bloodhorse has been in existence since 1916 and since then has served the industry in all capacity. While it was launched in 1916 it was not until 1929 that it was renamed “Blood-Horse”. With the name changed, the way the magazine was run was also changed and was designed to cater to the needs of a larger audience. There are a number of notable writers that have written and contributed greatly to the success of Bloodhorse magazine internationally.

Scope of the Company

The aim of Bloodhorse has been to serve all equine owners as well as breeders with integrity and dignity while improving Thoroughbred breeding and racing. To do this, they make use of their publications. Since its inception, Bloodhorse has gone on to become the number one site for all breeding and racing updates. This site covers a wide range of areas: a comprehensive analysis, trends, debate, pedigrees, profiles, medication issues, as well as investigative reports.

Bloodhorse is a great to check out site for all things breeding and racing. It offers exclusive news of all happenings in the breeding and racing industry. For example, this website offers an in-depth analysis of the Breeders’ Cup. Aside from that, there are regular updates on all the racing results and stakes horse information on Bloodhorse.

In addition to this, there’s an area called Stallion Register. They offer exclusive information on stallions anywhere in the country. On Bloodhorse, you can check out the extensive library of information ranging from the cost of each stallion season, their progeny records, where they rank in the world in terms of their progeny’s ability. There’s a column for farms and updates on what’s happening on these farms, this information is provided to help prospective buyers get their hands on horses. Bloodhorse has been described by ESPN as the leading and most influential site in the industry. This site gained recognition after it reported back in 1986 that Ferdinand, Kentucky Derby winner has been slaughtered by his owners while on vacation abroad. According to the report, there was no specific reason for this action. This report touched a lot of hearts in the industry and this led to the decision to save retired houses. Since then, Bloodhorse has grown to be the go-to site for all things horse racing and breeding. It has covered a number of competitions.

A Timeless Fixture

While this site has been in existence for a long period of time, it was not until 2015 that the Bloodhorse Daily mobile application was launched for the entire public to download. You can either subscribe to the mobile application or read the content on the website.

In essence, Bloodhorse since its inception has been keen on ensuring that fans of horse racing can get valuable information about this game. While also offering information about what’s happening in the industry, Bloodhorse seeks to make these race winners more popular by sharing information about them as well as appealing to organizations in the industry to care for these retired horses.

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