You really want to stop cheating in horse racing? Listen to this

July 9, 2021

There is a lot of talk about stopping cheating in horse racing. Most of us know the cheaters will always be one step ahead of those who try to catch them and get them out of the game. Can it be done? We say yes. It takes time, resources, money and most importantly money and a true commitment. The industry can’t be worried about field sizes, they have to worry about the horse first.

Far too much goes on that shouldn’t. We have all become too tolerant to some degree. It has to stop. We as an industry don’t need to change the perception of the game. We need to change the game itself. If we do that the perception will follow.

Jeff Metz as a trainer battling the cheaters, and Jonathan Stettin as a longtime player who has beat this game both weigh in with solid but hard thoughts on how cheating can and must be stopped. Some may agree, some may disagree and some may be on the fence. The bottom line is if we don’t do all of this, and not any watered down or sugar coated version the cheaters will be here to stay. Don’t worry though, if we don’t the sport will remain on life support just so long. Cheerleading only goes so far if you can’t play. We are at a crossroads and the Horse Racing Safety and Integrity Act is a nice start and we are cautiously optimistic. They need help though. Help from lobbyists and legislation and law enforcement on the federal level.

The time has come to go full court press for reform. We’re spending millions if not billions at sales and on wagering let alone on TV and salaries. How about the horses and the small outfits struggling to keep the former sport of kings going? Stopping cheating and creating a level playing field is the only way to take care of the horse. As an industry we have to put up or shut up.

If we do not do this as an industry once and for all, get used to the picture of Saratoga.

We hope you enjoy the show, show some support, and share the video and podcast! The horses and the game are depending on it!

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