Weight and Gallop Outs, do they matter or not

March 24, 2022

Another Past the Wire podcast, Gate to Wire! This is one interesting show!

The Twitter account @HorseRace2Day Horse Racing Today posed some interesting questions on the social media platform this week. They asked what are the most underrated and overrated handicapping angles out there. The responses were interesting and we all can learn from each other and who knows where the next edge or score can come from?

Two topics that got a lot of attention were weight and the gallop out. Frankly, we were surprised at the amount of handicappers who place little or no importance on these two aspects of the game.

We discuss the importance of each and what might be gained by paying attention to them. We may not sway you but Michael Vale grills Pick 6 King Jonathan Stettin on what he looks for in a gallop out and why weight matters, a lot.

Thanks for listening to this episode of Past the Wire’s podcast Gate to Wire!

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