Virtual Racing: The Future Of Horse Racing Betting?

July 31, 2020

While online sports betting greatly revolutionized the world of sport betting through modern technology, the truth remains that it is still mostly reliant on real games being played, just like in all other sports. If there are no games, there is nothing to bet on. However, virtual sports made it possible for people to have something to bet on even if no games are played ion real-life. In horse racing, this is called virtual races.

Nowadays, more and more bookmakers are adapting a virtual sports system, allowing their customers to wager their bets on virtual sports. In addition to that, you can view multiple odds and predictions from different bookies from Livescore by Silentbet, as well as tips and recommendations on which bookies you can play through.

So how does a virtual race work, and is it the future of horse racing?

How does a virtual horse race work?

A virtual horse race is a computer-controlled game software that aims to emulate a real-life horse race as close as possible. It has ultra-realistic graphics complete with a racing field, the weather on the field, and even weather effects like a splash or a dust trail. Nowadays, most virtual horse races even have a commentary during the race itself, further giving fans and bettor the realistic horse race experience.

On the software side, each participant on the race is programmed based on their respective stats and probabilities. Overall, the software runs on an algorithm called the random number generator or RNG. This algorithm ensures that each result is based on the probabilities and stats set for each virtual participant but is completely randomized, and no two races will ever be the same. Unlike in a real-life horse race, a virtual horse race is usually fast-paced and finishes in just a matter of several minutes. Thus, you can washer, watch, and win in just a short time.

Usually, virtual horse races are played only a few minutes apart, with the system taking a break for at least three to six minutes. After that, a new race begins. In between races, odds and stats for the upcoming virtual race are displayed, and you can even wager your bets already.

Why bet on virtual sports?

There are many reasons you should bet on virtual sports, and if listed down here, it might take several pages to complete. However, one thing is perhaps the most important one: a virtual horse race never stops. A real-life horse race only happens at least once or twice a year, and it finishes all its race only in a span of a few days. No matter how many horse racing leagues and cups are out there, there will always be a time when no races are played in tracks. In addition to that is the current situation brought about by the pandemic.

On the other hand, virtual horse races are always on–24 hours a day, all-year-round. You always have something to bet on, and you always have something to look forward to.

Final thoughts

No matter how much technology has advanced and innovated gaming and gaming software used in virtual sports, it can never replace a real-life horse race. The truth will always be that a real-life horse race will be preferred for the most part. On the other hand, virtual horse race betting eliminates all the inconveniences and the hassle of relying on a real-life race to have something to bet on.

How much more advanced can virtual sports, such as a virtual horse race, be in the coming years? Only time can tell. However, one thing is for sure: as technology advances, so does the world of online betting and the world of virtual sports.

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