Unfiltered: Timing is Everything

April 4, 2023

Forte, with Irad Ortiz up, Todd Pletcher and Mike Repole head to the track to win The Florida Derby and remain the early favorite for The Kentucky Derby. They all likely thought the race would be timed correctly. Not so fast but we’ll get to that. After all, timing is everything, especially in a sport where so much depends on how fast they run.

We believe Past The Wire and Jonathan Stettin are the first in the industry to bring an actual CAW player, CRW player, or syndicate, whatever you chose to call them they are all one in the same, to the table. Horse Racing’s True Lifeline is the article and you can read an actual on the record interview with a CAW player right here.

We suggest reading this article for a glimpse into what the syndicates or CAW or CRW players actually do, what they actually see, what they don’t see and can’t do, and separate fact from fiction. On the show Jon talks about why he choose that title, and why the CAW issue is not as simple as it seems.

We will be doing a new show on Beating the Syndicates, the last one we did was 4 years ago and things have changed. We did address the CAW good or bad or necessary issue right here.

Timing is Everything. Why can’t we perfect the timing of races? Why can’t we get the splits or fractions right every time? How fast did Forte actually come home in The Florida Derby? This should be at our fingertips, but it isn’t. Low hanging fruit and we can’t even get that.

HISA, another snag or delay. How much of that is on them for going after the wrong things first? As an industry do we need to help HISA help us?

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Videography: Jim Gazzale
Photo: Walter Alexander

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