Unfiltered: The layoff, good, bad, or ugly

August 16, 2022

We have another great episode of Unfiltered on Past The Wire TV.

On this show our hosts Michael Wilson and Jonathan Stettin have an interesting discussion about layoffs in horse racing.

Are they always a sign of something bad? Are they beneficial? Do all horses need them regardless of injury? Of course we go deep, we always do. Why can and do some trainers win off the layoff and why do some always seem to need a race back or two? Should layoffs even somehow be mandatory? Do we need transparency when it comes to layoffs? Why don’t we have any consistent info on the causes?

If betting, how do we treat layoffs and what should we look for and also avoid?

All this and more on this great Unfiltered episode only on Past The Wire TV. If you enjoy the video leave a comment or give it a like and subscribe to  Past The Wire TV where Nobody Does It Better!

Photo: Ernie Belmonte

Videography: Jim Gazzale

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Great article and you are absolutely right. However your piece is sensible and logical- something that doesn't register with the opposition (who rely on emotion and "siege tactics")

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