Unfiltered: CBA, Sales and Transparency

July 11, 2022

Horse sales. Auctions. One of the most fascinating aspects of The Sport of Kings. A billion dollar industry that is unregulated and where much of what goes on goes on behind the scenes and is not talked about much. On Unfiltered on Past The Wire T we don’t play that game or follow those rules. After all, we are Horse Racing Uncensored.

On this episode Michael Wilson talks about the recent CBA meeting in Kentucky where he was a speaker and about how transparency and better communication was brought up and recognized as essential to do things better. Jonathan Stettin wasn’t buying what they were selling and had more of a show me outlook. We think you will enjoy both Michael and Jon’s takes.

Get a glimpse into the sales game, how it transposes into looking at those Maiden Special Weight races we all love so much at the upcoming Saratoga meet. Thank you for watching Past The Wire TV. Nobody Does It Better.

Photo: Ernie Belmonte and a very fast Bob Baffert two year old we will all see soon…..“You have to ask me nicely”

@jonathanstettin @PastTheWire @BOBCOL Is there anyone and I mean ANYONE better than Mr. Stettin?? I don’t think so. Thank you sir!

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