Unfiltered: Breeding to sell, where are the stars? Sires of tomorrow today, who are they and why?

December 1, 2022

All too often we see three year olds who win a classic retired before they race at four. The last horse to win a class at three years old and come back at four to win The Breeders’ Cup Classic was Drosselmeyer.

Racing needs to find ways to keep some of our better horses racing longer. We need stars and we need fans and bettors alike to connect with our equine athletes and that happens when we see them perform with some longevity.

Flightline, Life is Good, Golden Pal and others are off to stud in 2023. Who are the sires of tomorrow and why? Let’s see if this show ages well as Michael Wilson and Jonathan Stettin explore who they like and who they don’t as sires to be.

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