Troy Levy, Tropical Racing and Circle 8 Ranch doing things the right way

July 5, 2021

On this episode of Past the Wire Tv and our podcast Gate to Wire brought to you by Spendthrift Farm you’ll meet Troy Levy. We like introducing people the sport needs more of and Troy fits that bill to a tee. Knowledgeable, confident, and with a strong desire to do things right and focus on the future and long term, Troy is making hos footprint in the industry.

After starting the Tropical Racing partnership Troy expanded into buying a farm in Lexington Kentucky and Circle 8 Ranch became a reality.

Learn about Troy, his goals and philosophies, his views on the game and where he is taking Circle 8 Ranch and all the Tropical investors.

Troy sat down with our Jonathan Stettin and they talked all things horse racing. Troy and Circle 8 ranch are on the radar, and we think the dot is going to get louder and bigger. After watching this episode we think you’ll agree and be rooting for them also.

Sit back and enjoy the show:

Photos: Circle 8 Ranch

@jonathanstettin in the @PastTheWire seminar you told us a horse "Obviously" needed a cutback, and would be an "obvious" winner. Great Call!

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