The ultimate Lasix round table turns into an industry discussion about much that plagues the Sport of Kings

April 8, 2021

Two renowned Veterinarians, a “retired” horse trainer, a professional handicapper, and some new blood in the sport sit down to talk Lasix and it turns into a round table on where the race horse industry is and where it is heading

The Past the Wire clan welcomes retired trainer Chuck Simon, who hosts his own podcast Going in Circles, along with renowned Veterinarians Dr. Kathryn Papp and Dr. Bryan Langlois to this episode of Past the Wire’s podcast, Gate to Wire brought to you by Spendthrift Farm. On the heels of trainer Joe Orseno’s comments about Lasix following Imprimis bleeding at Keeneland, and Hidden Scroll bleeding following a race on the same card the panel sat down to discuss Lasix. Sure we know the topic has been debated many times in the past, but now a federal law exists that will ultimately ban the drug from race day use in the United States, or at least in the states which opt in to the Horse Racing safety and Integrity Act. There is so much to work out and the panel starts by exploring what has changed in racing creating an environment where over 90% of our horses race with the drug, and how much it helps as opposed to whether it hurts the horses both short and long term.

As with many aspects of the Sport of Kings, Thoroughbred Horse Racing one issue ties into another which ties into another and it almost seems endless. This is a video and podcast you won’t want to miss as the panel brings so much to the table and hits on so many topics and issues hindering the success and growth let alone the survival of the sport we love.

With a panel like this you can expect solutions offered with their opinions. This is an outspoken and passionate bunch who may differ in thoughts and views but share a commonality in their love for the horse and the animals well being put first before the business of racing and breeding.

Lasix as a mask for other substances is debunked but the use of other substances is explored along with policies of racetrack management and state governing bodies on doing what is necessary to create a level playing field for healthy and sound horses. If you care about the horses and the sport this is a show you will wamt to check out.

What would racing be without the bettor? Nothing, the bettor is the customer with no voice in the game, well not one that anyone hears or listens to anyway. Our panel tackles that issue as well realizing the bettor is an integral and vital piece of the equation. This reminds us of Jonathan Stettin’s Who Yields the Power article and it is always the one with the checkbook or money.

Learn more about Dr. Kathryn Papp and her “any horse that comes into our program will never be homeless” rescue operation, PARR a 501(c)3 non profit which provides aftercare for former racehorses and others in need.

Visit PARR here and of course please help them if you can, the horses depend on it.

Sit back and enjoy the show, you can watch it on our YouTube channel or listen to the podcast below:

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