The Stronach Group Responds

December 21, 2019

The Stronach Group has issued a response to a report released by the Los Angeles County District Attorney Thursday stating that they did not find evidence of “criminal animal cruelty or unlawful conduct.”

This is the reply:

“We thank District Attorney Lacey’s Office for their diligent work in this robust investigation into whether any conduct or conditions at Santa Anita Park affected the welfare of safety and horses. We are all committed to the same thing-the highest level of equine safety and welfare-and we will continue to do everything possible to promote equine and rider health and safety. And we are gratified that the District Attorney’s report into the conduct and conditions at Santa Anita Park found no evidence of misconduct.The Stronach Group looks forward to working further with the California Horse Racing Board, industry partners, and other stakeholders to implement recommendations from the task force’s report, many of which Santa Anita Park has already started implementing.”

@jonathanstettin Brilliant as always. Agree with everything you said. Thank you! ! 🙂

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