The State of Horse Racing in California

June 9, 2021

Horse Racing in California is at a crossroads

Welcome to another episode of Past the Wire TV and our Past the Wire podcast, Gate to Wire!

On this episode we take you deep into California Horse Racing and the issues the industry faces in the state. Hosts Jonathan Stettin and Jeff mets are joined by prominent owner and breeder Harris Auerbach, Managing Partner of M. Auerbach LLC. Harris is the man behind the popular racehorse and sire Unusual Heat and he has his pulse on California Racing as well as a vested interest in both its survival and future.

We talk through the issues, some likely scenarios, and some potential solutions. There are certainly some low hanging fruit issues that could be quick fixes and immediate improvements.

We look at the future of Santa Anita and how possibly losing one of the most scenic backdrops in the Sport of Kings could crush California Horse racing altogether.

Let’s hope the right people are paying attention. One thing that was apparent as we take you Past the Wire on these issues is that they are more critical than some may realize, and if they aren’t addressed and correctly promptly and properly California Horse Racing may be in worse trouble than they think.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the show. You can watch the video or listen to the podcast below:

Photo: Santa Anita Park

@jonathanstettin That was damn near evangelical. You’re one of the few experts a novice like me can depend on. Keep up the good work!

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