The Risen Star by The Thorograph Numbers and Patterns

February 15, 2024

Who gets the keys to the Ferrari?

Let’s find out on this episode of Past The Wire TV: The Risen Star by The Thorograph Numbers and Patterns.

Nobody Does it Better! Jonathan Stettin the Pick 6 King takes a look at what has turned out to be the best of the Kentucky Derby points and prep races thus far from a competitive standpoint. We already know how well Jon reads the Thorograph Numbers and Patterns and how he especially excels in these Triple Crown trail and actual Triple Crown races like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Test of Champions, The Belmont Stakes.

Jon goes over the Thorograph numbers and patterns on all the horses in The Risen Star looking for who is fast, who is slow, who is going forward, who is going to bounce or regress, and most importantly who gets the keys to the Ferrari in The Risen Star.

Looking for an ace, you’re in the right place. Get your edge right here, right now!

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@jonathanstettin, Thank you so much! You are all class!

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