The Only 2 Time Champ, Kevin Costello

March 12, 2024

Meet Kevin Costello! He will be playing horses this weekend for a $5 Million Dollar Bonus and at the same time making side bets through his ADW. How do you not LOVE that? It is only fitting he shows up before the tournament in The Rogues’ Gallery on Past The Wire TV with our own Jonathan Stettin who has been known to make some sharp wagers and scores in his career as well.

Kevin is the only TWO TIME NHC TOUR CHAMPION in history and as such he is the only one playing for the Super Cool $5 Mil Bonus.

Hear how Kevin got into playing the horses. What does he look for? How does he approach cash play, $2 win and place tournaments and cash tournaments? You have heard there are sharks in these waters and don’t let his gentleman status fool you, he is right there with Tommy Hammer Massis, Michael Toloney, and our own Pick 6 King, Jonathan Stettin.

If you are a serious player, or want a window into how they think you will not want to miss this One on One Past the Wire TV show with Jon and Kevin!

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Thank you for watching, we appreciate you all!

@jonathanstettin is there a any better at writing thoroghbred articles that are ” relevant” to the horseplayer and fan alike ? I think not.

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