The Learned Art of Watching Replays

October 24, 2020

In this episode of our Gate to Wire podcast brought to you by Spendthrift Farm we look at watching replays.

Pick 6 King and professional handicapper Jonathan Stettin believes watching replays is more important in beating the game of Horse Racing than ever before. It has always been a valuable tool, but today it is a major advantage if done right. With all the information out there, and all of it readily available to those who seek it, knowing what to look for and how to spot it can give you an edge on the competition. There is nothing better to trust in this game than your own eyes. Learn what to look for and how to spot it.

Yes, there is a proper and correct way to watch replays. There are also many common mistakes and watching correctly and avoiding the wrong way is a learned art that actually goes against ones natural instinct. Learn about the do’s don’ts, hows and whys on this interesting and beneficial episode.

Regardless of what level your game is at a second set of trained and professional eyes can never hurt. This is indeed a Harvard education on the learned art of watching replays correctly.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

@jonathanstettin eaaaaaaaaaazy winner.

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