The Fascinating World of the Las Vegas Sportsbook

February 26, 2021

If we were going to take you inside a Vegas sportsbook, you know it was going to be the best!

Circa Sportsbook Las Vegas

Betting on sports is more popular than ever. On this episode of Past the Wire’s podcast, Gate to Wire, brought to you by Spendthrift Farm we welcome Paul Zilm, Risk Supervisor at Circa Sportsbook in Las Vegas. Circa is quickly growing into one of the top sportsbooks not only in Vegas but in the country. It is a first class operation and run as such by knowledgeable people who care about their industry and customer.

Paul plays an integral and key role in the day to day operations at Circa. He will take you inside his day, and talks about setting lines, moving lines, adjusting lines and watching the market. Paul talks with our hosts Jonathan Stettin and Michael Vale about spotting the sharp players and money and how a sportsbook reacts to their wagers. We go into setting limits, evaluation trends and plays, and all the aspects of managing the risks and liabilities in this fast paced and exciting environment where large sums of money can change hands over a tipped play.

Paul is a lover of horseracing and also a player and student of the game. As such he discusses the relationship between the Las Vegas sportsbook and horseracing as well as how the Sport of Kings is viewed and treated in Vegas. We talk about Kentucky Derby futures, and how those lines are set, managed, and monitored.

Paul answered a lot of questions and provided a world of information. We even talked about the ways some players try and take advantage of the books, type-o’s, bad lines and any other vulnerability that may occur. Of course Paul explained how the books combat these types of opportunists as well.

Jon and Michael both felt this was one of the most interesting and enjoyable shows they’ve done so far. We think you will too.

Thank you and sit back and enjoy the show and visit Circa and say hello for us when you get the chance!
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