The Belmont Stakes Cultures And Traditions

March 16, 2020

The Belmont Stakes is the last segment of the U.S.Triple Crown Series. It is preceded by the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes that make up the whole show. Although it’s the third racing leg, this is the most crucial horse racing showdown compared to the two because it is where the deserving Triple Crown winner will be announced. 

This year, the Belmont Stakes will take place at Belmont Park, Elmont, New York on June 6, 2020. Do know that for a racehorse to be worthy of the Triple Crown title, he must win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and, most importantly, the Belmont Stakes. This event also has the longest racecourse distance to test the real ability of the horse racers. 

While it’s too early to look at which race horses will compete in the Belmont Stakes 2020 odds, let’s talk first about the things you need to expect during this event. If you are one of the horse racing fans or an avid bettor of this sporting event,  here the annual Belmont Stakes traditions you must not miss.

The Belmont Breeze

Like the Mint Juleps for the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Breeze also has an official cocktail drink you can indulge during the Belmont Stakes. This drink was recently introduced to the Belmont racing community because the original drink was known as the “White Carnations.” The Belmont Breeze is a simplified cocktail drink that took over in 1998.

Last year, there were around 100,000 horse racing fans that attended the Belmont Stakes. As such, the Belmont Breeze became more popular as a lot of people are seen drinking this cocktail inside the venue. This drink is a combination of bourbon, lemonade, and pomegranate juice. It is then garnished with either lemon or cherry. 

Garland Of White Carnations 

Aside from the Belmont Breeze, which you can see in the usual Belmont Stakes gathering, the Garland of White Carnations is also part of the event’s tradition. It is an official flower of the Belmont Stakes where the winner is draped with a garland made from White Carnation. This award has been part of the Belmont Stakes history since then. 

Until today, the NYRA (New York Racing Association) has not mentioned how the Belmont Stakes came out as the official flower. However, if you look at the characteristics of White Carnation, it lasts for a few days, even without watering. This trait is associated with a Belmont Stakes winner, which displays optimum stamina and strength through the competition. 

New York, New York 

Another Belmont Stakes tradition you might come across in partaking this event is their official theme song. During the early years when the Belmont Stakes was established, the theme song was entitled “Sidewalks of New York.” This is performed before, during, and after the Belmont racing event. 

In 1977, NYRA decided to make changes in the official theme song replacing it with Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York. Every year, the Belmont Stakes organization invites a distinguished Broadway Star to perform the song in a post-parade event. On the one hand, the Sidewalks of New York only get played at racing shows before the Belmont proper racing begins. 

Belmont Stakes After-Party Celebration

The Belmont Stakes also has party celebrations that you can enjoy. If the Preakness Stakes has Infield Fest, then the Belmont Stakes has an after-party celebration. It takes place inside the racing field where the NYRA sets up a stage where all racing fans can party and enjoy the music. 

This party celebration is a culminating activity for another Triple Crown successful season. Also, the Belmont organization will invite Hollywood music artists who will initiate the party properly. You can show your best dance moves, socialize with a lot of fans and bettors, drink beers and cocktails, etc. 

Belmont Display And Museum 

If you wanted to get the best Belmont moments and understand the whole history of this horse racing event, there are museums inside the venue that showcases how the Belmont Stakes started. It also features the events that happened in the past, including the winners and their history.

In case you also miss it, there is a Belmont Charity Ball that commences a night before the racing event. It is a fundraising activity at the same time, a socialization event. All proceeds generated in this event will be handed over to the Belmont Stakes partner charities. 


Considered as the final jewel of the U.S. Triple Crown Series, the Belmont Stakes is an important event you should not miss. As stated, it is where you can witness the possible next Triple Crown titleholder. Aside from that, the betting game became more significant as the racehorses joining came in their best forms. 

Thus, if you are aiming to partake in this horse racing event this year, make sure not to miss the Belmont Stakes culture and traditions listed above so you’ll get the most of what this racing festival has to offer. 

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