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Early Kentucky Derby run-down by Keeneland Dan and Jimmy Mcnerney

POSTED: April 19, 2022

Is it ever too early to talk Kentucky Derby? Probably not, but it definitely isn't when we know all the point positions and all the...


Keeneland do's and don'ts with Keeneland Dan, Pick 6 King Jonathan Stettin and Michael Vale

POSTED: October 7, 2021

Check out the best Breeders' Cup seminar in the game right HERE.......Nobody does it better! Keeneland Dan of Fat Bald Guy Racing joins Pick 6...

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Should players us the All button?

POSTED: January 29, 2021

To go "all" or not to go "all", that is the question. Some players like to use the all button. Pick 6 King Jonathan Stettin...



@jonathanstettin I for one can still actually feel the pall cast over the crowd and game that day. It was palpable. Kudos 2/2

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