Spectacular Bid, the best horse to ever look through a bridle

October 21, 2021

The Bid, how good was he

The pin incident and Spectacular Bid

The worst troubled trip a horse ever had and still won, Spectacular Bid

On this episode of Past the Wire’s podcast Gate to Wire we are honored to welcome author Peter Lee. Peter, a contributing writer for Past the Wire  wrote “Spectacular Bid: The last Superhorse of the Twentieth Century (Horses in History)”

We talk everything about “The Bid!” From his greatest triumphs to his agonizing defeats in the Belmont and the Jockey Gold  Cup. We of course debate the pin incident, trainer Buddy Delp, and so much more.

Pick 6 King Jonathan Stettin says the Bid’s win in the Florida derby, which he saw is one of if not the best troubled trip win ever. Creme de la Fete ( who fell down, got up and won )may give that a run for the money as would Afleet Alex in his Preakness score, but this race was something to behold and remember!

Watch the great Eddie Arcaro describe and highlight this horrendous trip before checking out this can’t miss podcast:

If you are a fan of Spectacular Bid or horse racing history, this podcast is for you!

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The Bid, how good was he? Have a listen and tell us:

Spectacular Bid by Peter Lee

The links to Peter’s book are below:

Here’s the link to Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HcvYF

Book website: https://spectacularbidbook.com

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