Silks, Virtual Reality and the future of Horse Racing

March 25, 2022

Silks, A true game changer in horse racing that will attract new and younger fans and bring back the glory days of Horse Racing

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This could very well be both the most interesting and exciting news you’ll hear about Horse Racing in quite a while. Meta, Web 3.0. NFT’s. Game changers, and they are coming to the Sport of Kings.

The landscape of the game could be changing and the future isn’t coming, it is just about here! Imagine spending the morning watching horses workout at Saratoga, even your own horses, then watching the races over lunch or even a cocktail at the Jim Dandy Bar. After dinner you can catch the days races across the country at Del Mar without ever leaving the comfort of your home. You will be able to experience all of this through Silks and a virtual reality set up that is not right out of the Jetsons, but makes the show look amateurish. No race meet or location is off limits. Royal Ascot, The Melbourne Cup, Dubai, anywhere in the world is where you can be with Silks.

Get back the crowds and glory days of racing along with the camaraderie ADW’s have taken away. It is only a matter of time, and not a long time, until we take the Amazon experience to a new level. You’ll put on a headset and walk down the aisles of your favorite supermarket or department store and take things right off the shelves or try on clothes right off the rack.

Silks, the brainchild of Troy Levy and Dan Nissanoff is bringing this Web 3.0 game changer to the sport of thoroughbred horse racing.

Through NFT’s which will be explained in this show, you can own virtual horses, authenticated, that mirror actual horses competing on the racetrack. You can share in all the excitement, syndications, decisions, and more importantly purses and profits. Yes, you will be playing for money and profit at a much lower risk factor and with the ability to hedge your investments. Better still, you can wager on your horses and the wagers go right into the host track pools helping thrive the sport and the horsemen. Fantasy sports taken to the next level and beyond.

The internet changed the way we live and do things already. History repeats. Meta is coming as is change. There is a reason we read past performances. We think you will love and learn from this video. Stay with us  @Past The Wire TV  for more videos on this racing breakthrough and whitelist opportunities and more. We will be bringing you all the news on Silks and their unique way to revive the glory days of racing the old timers yearn for and the new players deserve to see.

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For more on Silks visit their website HERE

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