Silks: Own Digital, Win Real

March 13, 2024

When we first heard about Game of Silks, Jonathan Stettin said: “stand back, we don’t know how big it’s gonna get.”

If you aren’t in The Game of Silks now is a good time to start and this video will give you a path.

Meet Steven AKA @DragonHotDog17 on X

You can find him on YouTube here

Now he’s in The Rogues’ Gallery…

Steven sits down with Jon and talks his experience with Silks and how it brought him not only into racing but all the way to The Breeders’ Cup. Steven even has his own syndicate in the game. You can join his syndicate, or ask him questions and he can guide you in as a Silks partner.

Why play? That is the easy part!

Game of Silks is revolutionizing the world of horse racing by attracting new enthusiasts and embracing the latest technology. With its innovative approach, Game of Silks offers a unique and immersive experience that captivates both seasoned horse racing fans and newcomers alike.

By combining virtual horse ownership with real-life racing events, players have the opportunity to earn real money through their Silks horses. This integration of traditional horse racing with cutting-edge technology not only brings the sport to a wider audience but also provides an exciting avenue for individuals to participate in the action and potentially profit from their passion for horse racing.

Game of Silks truly bridges the gap between traditional horse racing and the digital era, making it an enticing platform for both horse racing enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals looking to engage with the sport in a whole new way.

@jonathanstettin wowwwwwww , the best … Felt like i was watching a movie!!!! , then realized it should be a film , super informative !!

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