Silks and NYRA partner with big plans ahead

December 9, 2022

NYRA and Game of Silks announce major partnership for the benefit of Horse Racing.

There was a major announcement in Horse Racing this past week when Games of Silks revealed a partnership with NYRA and NYRA Bets to bring Silks to a wider audience and create more opportunities to both become familiar with the platform and participate in this unique play to earn game.

Silks is the closest thing you will find to Fantasy Horse Racing and has the potential of not only rivaling Fantasy Football but also growing the sport of Horse Racing, getting it in front of a wider and also younger demographic within the meta verse or web 3.0 which is the future.

We sit down again with Troy Levy of Tropical Racing who is the founder and brainchild of Silks and his partnership with internet genius Dan Nissanoff is what helped get Silks to where it is today. You can watch the original show we did with Troy and Dan here, and see how far they have brought a vision born at Yonkers by a fan sitting watching races with his Dad.

Now with NYRA on board, one of the most influential players in the industry we just don’t know how big this state of the art platform and technology cab become. This is the time to learn and get involved in something that is bringing the sport we love into the future and modern times.

Find out how Silks was born, what the plans are, where it is going and how they intend to grow our sport and the platform. At Past The Wire we have believed in Game of Silks from the beginning and have been telling you all it was worth paying attention to. When we heard the commercials on the Fox Racing Telecast we knew the time had come. You can also catch Troy on NYRA’s Fox Telecast this Saturday and learn even more.

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That was a phenomenal article Jonathan. Thank you for writing it and sharing it. Ruffian was my second love (after Man O' War) and I simply cannot stop the tears from falling every time I read about this magnificent black beauty.

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