Saratoga Today 2021 day 31

August 26, 2021

Day 31 of the meet and we have another episode of Saratoga Today on Past the Wire TV.

Stewards, what can we say? Inconsistent is the easiest way to put it and it is nothing new. It has been this way for years. Frankly we are tired and bored of writing and talking about it!

The Travers is only a few days away. We are looking for that next major wager.

Today on Saratoga Today we look at one horse early and take a quick look at the featured Riskaverse stakes and the finale, a turf sprint.

The card Saturday for the Travers looks strong and you won’t want to miss that episode of Saratoga Today!

Thank you for watching and we’ll see you at the track or in the morning!

Photo: Kathleen Hearne

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