Saratoga Saturday Jim Dandy Day 2023

July 27, 2023

Week 3 of the Saratoga meet and we are back at Past the Wire TV with another Saratoga Saturday show.

Yes, we have some horses we like but first we talk a little controversy at The Spa. We have seen some serious inconsistency coming from the Stewards at Saratoga. The stewards need stewards according to Jonathan Stettin. Check out this Saratoga Saturday episode, next best thing to being there.

Jon likes a few spots later on the card so we’ll see how he does. He started off the meet the right way so let’s hope he can keep it going. The Jim Dandy, who do we like and why? Thank you for watching Past the Wire TV and let us know what you think.

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Saratoga Saturday:

Saratoga Saturday, Jim Dandy day

Here is the link to the Saratoga amongst other things show with Tommy Hammer Massis:

Videography: Only the best, Jim Gazzale

@jonathanstettin Jon just wanted to say thx for the info you provide.

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