Santa Anita Jockey Silks Room with Simon Sandoval

March 17, 2024

Jeff Metz takes you inside the Jockeys Silks Room at The Great Race Place, Santa Anita.

Jeff talks with Simon Sandoval, The Silks Man at Santa Anita. Everything you wanted to know about Jockey Silks but were afraid to ask.

Jockey Silks play a significant role in horse racing. These usually brightly colored and unique patterns are worn by jockeys to represent the owners and trainers of the horses they ride. Jockey Silks not only serve as a visual representation of the horse’s connections, but also help spectators, track announcers, bettors, and of course the connections of the horse to follow horses during a race. These silks are custom-designed and can feature various colors, patterns, and symbols. The design of the Jockey Silks is often personalized, reflecting the owner’s preferences or incorporating elements that hold sentimental value. This tradition of Jockey Silks adds a visually appealing element to the sport of horse racing, making it a truly distinct and vibrant spectacle.

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